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The strongest recommendations are those that we receive from our clients.

The pool of candidates that the KLR team put together for us was so good, we had a difficult time narrowing it down! At least six candidates could have been chosen. The background information on every candidate was very, very helpful, and it was clear to us how much goes into the preparation process with every search. Through every stage of the search process, the KLR team kept us informed, and made sure to offer suggestions on the best way to proceed. Our chosen candidate is working out really well. Without any hesitation, I would recommend KLR! Ron LeClair, Chairman of the Board
Pawtucket Credit Union
I can confidently say we will use KLR for our future executive search needs. Business relationships can often be transactional, but our relationship with KLR is entirely collaborative. Sue took time with me, our Chief Banking Officer and our Chief Financial Officer to forge friendships with all of us, understand our culture and truly recognize what we needed in an HR director. Each of the candidates Sue brought to us could have been hired. The detailed backgrounds she provided led us to a pool of bright, energetic individuals. We’re happy we ended up with our first choice! Christine is a perfect fit for our company. James Hagan, President & CEO
Westfield Bank
KLR did their homework and then some. They took the time to get to know us, our personalities and the types of questions we wanted to ask candidates. That really enhanced our experience. I appreciated KLR’s efforts to truly understand how we work and the culture of our agency. Our chosen candidate was undoubtedly the right hire! Eric L. Masi, Ed.D, President & CEO
Wayside Youth & Family Support Network, Inc.
Working with KLR both in my own job search and in our search for a SVP, Retail Banking has been incredibly successful. As a candidate, I appreciated Sue’s due diligence, responsiveness and constructive, candid feedback. Knowing how thorough KLR’s search process is made me entirely confident in their ability to find us the perfect fit in our search. I’ve now seen the process from both sides and what stands out is the partnership and deep relationship KLR forges with their clients. We have unbelievable confidence in Sue’s opinion…so much so that when we came to her after our first candidate’s interview and said “Here’s our concern…we have no concern,” Sue told us we should hire her…and we did. It couldn’t have worked out better. Mary Halpin, SVP, Head of Human Resources
Centreville Bank
KLR struck the perfect balance of understanding our needs and finding someone to fill the position quickly. I've known Ed for a while now, and he is always patient, professional and detail-oriented. Ed and his team consistently find that "needle in the haystack" candidate. We're so pleased with the candidates KLR has placed for us. It really couldn't have turned out better! Ruben Klein, President
Tri Wire Engineering Solutions, Inc.
We were happy with every part of the KLR search process. Sue, Teresa and the KLR team are extremely thorough and took the time to pose questions that really captured what we were looking for from a technical and cultural perspective. While we have done searches on our own in the past, we are so glad we enlisted the help of KLR this time around. Each part of the search was so well thought out and it is clear they have honed their process—it really works! Barbara Mahoney, Chief Operating Officer
Leominster Credit Union
We have trusted KLR Search Group with our executive searches, which are not always the easiest positions to fill. It is KLR’s unending dedication that sets them apart—Sue and Teresa were always available (beyond the 9-5) to answer our calls and work tirelessly to find us the perfect fit. They were truly our partners in the search process and were always willing to have honest, candid conversations with us. Helen Topor, Senior Vice President, Director of Human Resources
Salem Five
Due to Sue's extensive efforts up front in the search process, we had six excellent, hirable candidates to choose from. It became clear to us that in every search, Sue digs deep for information from both sides of the hiring equation, and it pays off. Our new treasurer embodies everything we were looking for to fill this important position. The KLR Search process allowed us to meet and exceed our hiring goals while allowing our executive team to continue normal business. Michael McKenney, CFO
Kadant, Inc.
Ed and the KLR search team were incredibly easy to work with. There was very little heavy lifting on our part—the team quickly put together a list of candidates who were all extremely qualified and fitting for our organization. The team then took the time to vet out all candidates with us, understanding their strengths and weaknesses and how they might fit. Fast forward six months and we couldn’t be happier with our new CFO…it seems that Ed understood the position even better than we did! Chris Surette, Vice President of Operations
Matrix Power Services, Inc.
In professional relationships, I have always valued something I like to call “thoughtful anticipation,” in other words, a business’ ability to prepare for potential issues before they happen. I can confidently say that KLR Executive Search Group provided me with this security, and offered me a level of comfort that I have not experienced with other search firms. From the very start of my relationship with KLR, I knew I had come to the right place. Ed, Sue and Kristen took the time to truly understand our needs, and find us someone who not only possessed the technical requirements of the position, but also embodied the greater mission and culture of our organization. We are thrilled with the result of this search, and are grateful for our new partnership with KLR Executive Search Group! Stephen P. Flavin, Chair of MassEcon &
Vice President & Dean, Academic and Corporate Engagement, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Having now just completed our most recent search for the CEO-United Way, Rhode Island, I couldn’t be more appreciative of the work led by Ed Blum and his very capable search team. This was not an easy search. The incumbent CEO was long tenured and had deep relationships in the Rhode Island donor, corporate and legislative community. That said, Ed and his team cast a wide net, and provided the Search Committee with a slate of exceptional candidates. Their insights and early assessments of these candidates was spot on. Throughout the process, the thoroughness and professionalism in which Ed and the KLR team managed the candidates, and the ongoing communication with the Search Committee kept the search on the timeline that had been presented to the full Board. More to the point, the search presented two outstanding finalists for consideration. Ed was extremely helpful in working directly with the Search Committee to address any and all outstanding questions. The search was concluded on time and on budget, and with an exceptional new leader for the United Way Rhode Island. As Chief Human Resources Officer for Hasbro, Inc., I have had the opportunity to work with any number of search firms. I very much value this new partnership and friendship, and I couldn’t endorse KLR, Ed and the entire team more strongly. Dolph Johnson, EVP & Chief HR Officer
Hasbro, Inc.
After working with our internal team, we realized we needed a more in-depth search so we decided to contact KLR. Their approach to fully understanding our needs prior to beginning the search process was invaluable. From the beginning, they were open to our recommendations and ready to accommodate our specific needs without hesitation. I appreciate their sense of urgency, as well as their thorough screening of candidates. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for KLR’s professionalism, flexibility and genuine friendliness. John Fox, President
Haartz Corporation
We have enjoyed the opportunity to work with the KLR team on several search engagements through the years and consider them a great business partner and friend. KLR takes the time to understand our needs, which is extremely important to us. I was confident that they knew exactly who we were looking for…and they delivered. All KLR candidates possessed the experience and expertise we required. The individual we hired has worked out exceedingly well. We are thrilled with the result of our search! Jim Morgan, President & CEO
Savings Bank Life Insurance
In my 30+ years of experience, from my early days to executive roles, I have never worked with a consultant like Jason Medeiros. His care and professionalism are truly unmatched! He helped ease my anxiety during my job search and answered all my questions. I couldn't be happier with my new role, and my new relationship with Jason, KLR Executive Search. Joe Fernandes, Vice President of Technology
Collette Vacations
Working with KLR has been a great experience. I found them reliable, professional and truly dedicated to finding the right job for me. With their help, I have secured a position within a meaningful industry. Thanks KLR! Hank Hague, CFO
Polymedex Discovery Group
The thing I liked best about working with KLR is they have great industry contacts. I consider KLR to be an invaluable resource in helping me with my career. They helped me with building my resume to focus on my career choice and prepared me for the interview process. The lessons learned will help me with any career choice I choose in the future. Thanks for working with me! Ron Freeman, Vice President of Customer Service
Bradford Soapworks
I have used the services of KLR for the past three years. When I have an open position, I can count on KLR to send me qualified candidates which allows me more time to spend on my business. KLR made this process extremely easy and I will continue to use them in the future. I have also referred them to other companies who are getting the same results. They make my life much easier by their extensive knowledge of the industry and their exhaustive search for the right people to fill positions. Doug Mancosh, President
Fiber Composites
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