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Become future ready.

We understand the unique challenges and aspirations of the nonprofit sector. Our mission is to connect leaders with organizations committed to making a positive impact on society.

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Rebecca Paquette, Partner

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Why Choose KLR for Your Next Leader?

As the proud affiliate of KLR, our parent company with a rich history of collaborating with over 275 nonprofits, we leverage this extensive experience to benefit our clients.

Experience: Our team specializes in the nonprofit industry, bringing a deep understanding of its dynamics, challenges, and opportunities. We are committed to finding leaders who align with your organization's values and objectives. 

Comprehensive Search Process: We employ a rigorous and comprehensive search process to identify executives who not only possess the necessary skills and experience but also resonate with the mission and vision of your nonprofit.

Customized Solutions: We recognize that each nonprofit organization is unique. Our tailored executive search solutions take into account your organization's culture, goals, and specific leadership requirements. Whether you need a CEO, executive director, or board member, we are here to find the perfect match.

Long-Term Partnerships: Our commitment extends beyond the placement process. We believe in building long-term partnerships with our nonprofit clients, providing ongoing support and guidance to ensure the success and continuity of your leadership team.

KLR Clients Gain Access to Numerous Resources

Through our parent company, KLR, we have worked with over 275 non-profit organizations and have many connections through our community service activities. This experience offers numerous advantages when it comes to placing the right person within your organization. From understanding the unique dynamics of the nonprofit industry to sourcing candidates who are mission-driven and culturally aligned, KLR plays a pivotal role in ensuring successful and impactful placements that contribute to the long-term success of your organization’s mission.

Recent Placements of

Nonprofit Executives Include:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Development Officer
  • Executive Director
  • Board Members
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Development

Ready to elevate your nonprofit's impact with visionary leadership?

Let us partner with you on a journey to discover leaders who will drive positive change and contribute to the long-term success of your nonprofit.

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