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KinaTrax, Inc.

Placed: Director of Finance and Accounting

KinaTrax, Inc.

“We didn’t have anyone in-house with experience hiring financial professionals. From the start, Derek, John and Mike were thorough, communicative and detail-oriented. The whole process led us to candidates who we might have otherwise overlooked. The KLR team helped us find candidates with a particular skillset that we didn’t have the experience with, freeing up time for us to focus on culture and fit. The speed at which our chosen candidate, Tim, has picked things up and contributed has been amazing. This is a testament to the quality of candidates KLR brings to the table. We couldn’t be happier.”

- Pedro Rodrigues, Director of Innovation, KinaTrax

KinaTrax, Inc. brings next generation markerless motion capture technology out of the academic arena and into the real world. Professional baseball offers the right mix of environment and opportunity to foster this incredible mission. They have systems operating in several Major League Baseball ballparks.

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