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Associated Subcontractors of MA

From start to finish, our experience with KLR was exemplary. Kristen and Rebecca took great care to meet with our executive committee and outgoing CEO to develop a nuanced understanding of our organization and what we hoped to find in our next CEO. We have a small team and everyone wears a lot of hats, so this was not a straight-forward, “cookie-cutter” position to fill…and Kristen and Rebecca never treated it as such. They committed to learning about our culture, staff roles and responsibilities and why certain personal qualities and skills were so essential in our next leader. The pool of candidates presented to us really reflected that nuanced understanding; and at no point did we feel shoe-horned into anything or any candidate. Our chosen candidate, James, embodies all that we envisioned!


Jeff Marr, Jr., President

Placed: CEO

About Associated Subcontractors of MA

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June Landry

Partner, Chief Marketing Officer

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